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City of Oneonta Fire Department

The City of Oneonta Fire Department has 27 full time members, supported by a paid part-time/call staff. Our immediate district radius is approximately 14 miles, serving both the City and Town of Oneonta. Within OFD’s jurisdiction is Hartwick College, SUNY Oneonta, A.O. Fox Hospital, assisted living facilities, a section of Interstate 88, the C.P. rail road, the Susquehanna River, and many commercial businesses and residential homes.

In addition to emergency fire and ambulance responses, the department handles all technical responses within the district as well as providing EMS transport services as requested. OFD is part of the county mutual aid system and is ready to serve our neighboring departments when called upon.
Highly motivated and well trained, the members are involved in many specialized technical areas. The members are also involved with many teaching aspects in both the fire and medical fields.
The City of Oneonta firefighters are prepared to serve our city 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Over the last several years, the number of department responses has steadily increased. In 2009, OFD responded to 2,692 requests for assistance. In 2011, the department responded to 3,260 requests for assistance. Statistics show that we responded to 21% more calls since 2009. Without a doubt, City firefighters are “on the Job”.


Contact Us

The City of Oneonta Fire Department is open 24 hours a day. Members are here to answer any and all of your questions and requests, or will see to it that you are put in contact with the proper authority.

Remember that if a true emergency should arise, call 911 and the Emergency Dispatchers will send the proper agency to your aid.

To contact us, please call 433-3480.


Option 0 - Dispatch Office
Option 2 - Ambulance Billing
Option 3 - FOIL Requests
Option 4 - Captains
Option 5 - Fire Investigation
Option 6 - Fire Prevention
Option 7 - Assistant Fire Chief
Option 8 - Chief of Department

Dispatch Fax 433-0766
Chief's Office Fax 433-3474

We are located at 81 Main Street, in the Public Safety Building.

The members take pride in being able to show children of all ages the areas and equipment associated with the Oneonta Fire Department. For a tour, please email

Forms and Permits

Fireworks Permit

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Oneonta Fire Department to prevent injury and loss of life or property from accidental or illegal fires; to provide emergency ambulance and general emergency pre-hospital medical assistance in life threatening situations; to assist citizens threatened with property loss in emergency situations; to mitigate the loss of life and property resulting from hazardous materials incidents or other man-made or natural disasters; and to maintain a reasonable cost of the public protection system for fire and life safety in our community.

The employees of this department are our most valued resource. Only through them will our mission be accomplished. The residents and visitors to Oneonta are our customers, for whom we will strive to provide the highest quality of service possible.

Employee and customer safety will affect our approach to the services we provide. Through research, vision, and creativity, we will constantly strive for better ways to fulfill our mission and serve our customers.

The Oneonta Fire Department will work to prevent emergencies from happening through fire code enforcement, investigation, and public education. As an organization we strive to be the recognized leader in Fire and EMS in Otsego County and Central New York State. As individuals, and a department, we attempt to assist with developing innovative training techniques and conduct research for all aspects of emergency service delivery.

Our department, as a cohesive group, values constructive change as positive and strives to be the department of choice for our employees to work and achieve professional development.

Is your building safe? Check the City's Code Enforcement.

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Fire prevention/safety
Carbon monoxide information
For Kids
Smoke detector information
Candle safety
Christmas tree safety
Juvenile fire setting intervention
Home heating fire safety
Chimney fire safety