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Summer in the City!

Welcome to the City of Oneonta swimming pool page.

Click here for a map of Wilber Park, where you can find Briggs Pool, open from 1-6 for Open Swim and 6-8 for Family Swim (youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult).

Swimming Pool Rules
    •    All patrons must be clean and/or take a shower before entering the pool
    •    All patrons must wear proper swim attire. No tee shirts, cut-offs, etc.
    •    All children under the age of 7 years must be accompanied by an adult
    •    All large groups of patrons must report to lifeguard upon arrival
    •    All doubtful swimmers must pass appropriate swim test before being allowed in diving pool or deep water of main pool
    •    No diving
    •    No dunking, splashing, cannonball, etc. in pool
    •    No running allowed in pool area
    •    No artificial floats, ball, noodles, etc. allowed at any time
    •    No gymnastics on ladders or congregating around walkways or stands
    •    No horseplay in basket room, locker rooms or lavatories
    •    No glass, alchohol, chewing tobacco, smoking or food in pool
    •    Do not leave personal articles on lifeguard stand
    •    We are not responsible for valuables left in baskets or locker rooms, etc.
    •    Patrons over 6 years (except parents) may not congregate in wading pool
    •    Patrons must leave pool immediately when ordered by lifeguards
    •    Patrons must observe all directions of lifeguards on duty
    •    Lifeguards will enforce above rules and may suspend patrons

Briggs Pool Diving Area Rules
    •    Non swimmers not allowed in diving pool
    •    Patrons under 14 must be tested by guards
    •    Only one diving board may be used. Guards will designate which board is to be used
    •    One patron at a time allowed on diving board
    •    No diving from sides of pool or boards
    •    Make sure water is clear before dive
    •    No cannon balling, horeseplay or unsafe dives
    •    No body somersaults (flips) allowed
    •    No inverted dives allowed. Diver must be facing away from the board and must dive straight ahead
    •    No swimming around in the diving pool
    •    Use ladders to exit pool
    •    Obey all directions of lifeguards

Wading Pool Rules
    •    Children under 7 years must be accompanied by adult
    •    Patrons over 6 years may not congregate (except parents or guardians)
    •    No artificial floats allowed at any time
    •    All other pool rules are in effect

Early season and late season hours subject to change.

Briggs Pool Capacity: 390 patrons

Prohibited: No bags, backpacks, duffel bags, coolers, large containers, baby strollers, etc. allowed in pool area unless contents are inspected by door monitor.