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Wastewater Treatment Plant

11 Silas Lane
Oneonta, NY 13820

Telephone: (607) 432-7210

Steve Kruh - Chief Operator
Scott Burger - Senior Operator

Chris Pelligra - Operator

Matt Stevens - Operator

Jason Bouton - Maintenance


Brief History

The Wastewater Plant is owned and operated by the City of Oneonta. Built in 1973, it was put into operation in 1974. It underwent a major upgrade in 1994 to enhance the ammonia and sludge removal processes.

Services Provided

The Wastewater Plant serves the City of Oneonta, the Town of Oneonta and accepts septage from the local septic haulers. RV septic is also accepted at no charge.

Sewer Backup information

A sewer backup creates a stressful and emotional situation for homeowners or renters.
 Although the City of Oneonta makes every effort to prevent such incidents, they may still 
occur. The following information is offered to help property owners and residents understand 
why backups happen, how they can be prevented, and what steps citizens should take if a 
sewer backup affects their property.

More information about Sewer Backup Insurance.

Final modified and renewed SPDES Permit #NY0031151 for the City of Oneonta, New York, effective date September 1, 2014 

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